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What is Stainless Steel?

medical grade stainless steel

Stainless steel is a form of steel that is naturally resistant to staining and rust. This is because it contains high counts of chromium, which is a metal that doesn’t corrode as often as other metals. Metals can become oxidized and can rust, losing their integrity fairly quickly and often making the metal unusable, but stainless steel is resistant to those effects.

How resistant they are depends upon the chromium content in the steel alloy, and different combinations of the metals are used depending on where the alloy is going to be used or placed. In addition, when stainless steel is exposed to an environment where corrosion can be a problem, the metal can undergo passivation.

Passivation is where a material becomes resistant to its environment, and it’s like adaptation. All types of Stainless Steel, including medical grade stainless steel, creates an invisible film, that blocks any more attempts at corrosion and rust. The film is also self-repairing, able to passively defend against rust if it has been scratched or damaged.

Stainless steel is used everywhere and can be found in cookware, appliances, construction material, industry plans, chemical tankers, and kitchens. Chances are you have several stainless steel products in your home and might not even know it yet, or you just might not have thought about them.

Stainless Steel also comes in five different families of metal. There isn’t too much of a difference between the families. It’s just the structure of the elements that make them distinct and gives them unique properties.

So, the next time you buy a stainless steel baking pan or a stainless steel oven, you can know exactly what stainless steel means and the benefits it can bring to your household. At least you won’t have to worry about the stainless steel gear rusting on you!